Dependable IT support that promotes reliable growth

If there's one thing that takes the joy out of running your own business, it's fussing with IT administration, only to watch everything grind to a halt whenever there’s an issue you aren't prepared to handle. You delegate most of the tasks in your company, so why not delegate your technology support?

Ocelot Inc. managed services provide you with turnkey technology solutions that work across all business sizes and industry types.

What’s included in managed services?

When you sign up for our managed IT and infrastructure solutions, we monitor, manage, and solve the issues and inefficiencies that plague your technology infrastructure. You pick and choose what you need so we can help when and where you need it. You get:

  • Guaranteed SLAs
  • Support from an experienced team of technicians
  • A reduction in the number of IT issues in under 12 months!
  • Access to our deep and broad talent
  • A single point of contact
  • Best-in-class 24/7 monitoring

Think you’re ready?

With a 99.1% customer satisfaction rating, Ocelot Inc. is the name you can trust. Our mission is to provide you with unshakable confidence in your IT infrastructure, so your workstations, servers, and customised software solutions are ready to get down to business the minute your employees clock in.

Not sure how to make that a reality? Call us for a FREE IT assessment. If you’re impressed by what we find, we’ll already have most of what we need to start supporting your business. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more personal, invite us to drop by so you can meet our team and decide whether we’re a good fit for your company.