Managed IT and Infrastructure

Hand all your IT problems over to Ocelot Inc. We monitor, troubleshoot, update and tailor solutions to meet your business’s needs.


Keep your systems safe, with Ocelot Inc. expertise

As computers store more and more of our private information, customer details, and even personal records, combatting sophisticated cyberattacks becomes increasingly important.

A virus infection, ransomware strain, or a hacker can easily gain access to your network if it is not secured and maintained by certified professionals, without whom oversights ranging from outdated software to firewalls that lack “intelligent” functionalities can occur.

Ocelot Inc. creates network security solutions that protect your business’s most precious assets. We use real-world penetration testing to examine your systems and look for weaknesses before designing network security solutions to fix whatever problems we uncover.

A major security breach can put your business at risk of losing customer information and trust. It pays to make sure your data is safe.

Cybersecurity is possibly the most unpredictable aspect of your entire IT infrastructure. Zero-day attacks catch even big-name vendors off guard and the list of documented threats to your organisation is so long that keeping up on your own is nearly impossible.

There’s something to be said about a cybersecurity solution that prioritizes constancy. The Ocelot Inc. team knows that you’re staff is wrestling with half a dozen other unpredictable variables and we’ve made it our mission to ensure network security isn’t one of them.

Our technicians don’t just specialise in the cybersecurity field, they focus on individual aspects within the field itself so you know you’re defenses are as close to impenetrable as possible.

We treat our network and security services the same way we treat our managed IT. The flat-fee Ocelot Inc. service model includes:

  • Private Networks – the best possible security for your IT infrastructure and users.
  • Managed Router Services - complete router and IP transit solutions, including installing, monitoring and supporting your network’s router.
  • Managed Switch Services – monitor traffic across the network, introduce redundancy and control access like a pro.
  • Managed Firewalls - application controls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), antivirus, antispyware and antispam protection, web filtering, network security management and reporting solutions.