Managed IT and Infrastructure

Hand all your IT problems over to Ocelot Inc. We monitor, troubleshoot, update and tailor solutions to meet your business’s needs.

Managed networks and security for IT teams

Enhance your team’s capabilities!

Ocelot Inc. knows that building an effective IT team is challenging. Finding and retaining the right people is a constant struggle in a rapidly changing industry. Over the years, we’ve nurtured successful working relationships with our clients’ IT departments by offering specialised assistance in networking and information security.

Attack vectors and the strategies necessary to combat them change every day. If you’re employing an IT technician who is even one day behind, your network security could be on the brink of collapse. Ocelot Inc. benefits from economies of scale that allow our technicians to focus on their specialty so you’re always getting the best of the best support.

Modern cyber security is more than just a firewall or antivirus, it’s about always being one step ahead.